Icon Jiu-Jitsu Watford – Croxley Park

Croxley Business Park, Hatters Lane Croxley Park, GB WD18 8YR
Posted on March 29, 2020
Listing Type : BJJ
Location : United Kingdom / EUROPE
Size : 100 sqm


Whatever the reason for starting your journey at ICON Watford; to compete, perfect an art, get fit or learn self defence you will be supported by instructors and teammates with decades of experience and be part of a global Jiu-Jitsu family.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu has it’s martial art roots in Japan, evolved in Brazil and now practiced all over the world. Jiu Jitsu teaches you to use balance, leverage and timing to take down, gain a position of control and neutralise an opponent.

Once learned properly and practiced these principles and techniques will allow you control and force a submission on someone bigger and athletically stronger with a huge variety of chokes and joint locks. The way we drill and spar enable everyone to train and develop together in safety.

This submission method of training and competing makes BJJ a very effective martial art as all techniques used can be practiced regularly against a fully resisting opponent. At ICON Watford we spar every session. During which holds are applied in a controlled manner so that there is plenty of time to “tap out” to acknowledge submission and release before any damage is caused. There is no doubt if it works or not.

ICON Jiu Jitsu Team has been training in Watford since 2010. Professor Ze Marcello has been teaching in the UK since 2002 after a professional competition career, winning tournaments across the world. A 5th Degree Black Belt under Sergio “Bolao” Souza, Ze is one of the highest ranked practitioners teaching in the UK.

With Black Belt instructors teaching the Watford class and numerous coloured belts on the mat it is the perfect place to begin your Jiu Jitsu journey.

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